What To Do If A Girl Ignores Your Texts

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Hey man, if a girl’s ignoring your texts then listen close!

I’m going to show you a special proven 3 step method to recover things stat – but we’ve got to hurry because there’s only a small window of opportunity to make this work and we don’t want to screw this up.

So if a girl’s ignoring your texts I’m going to make the assumption that you probably haven’t slept with her yet. In otherwords, she’s not your girlfriend or f**k buddy.

Assuming this she’s probably talking to other guys (almost all women are) and this is now happening because of a mistake you’ve made…

Here’s what you need to do next. I’m going to give you two options and you pick the one that best fits you…

Scenario #1: She’s only been ignoring you for a few days…

If this is the case you don’t want to keep texting her over and over if she’s not responding. Generally, if you text her and she doesn’t write back then you do not want to do anything for at least 24 hours.

When you do get back to her make sure it’s during the day (NOT late at night – meaning past 9pm).

The key here is to be playful and avoid sounding angry or upset. So write her something like…

Hey, are you ignoring me?

Or you can even send something as simple as… “did you get this?”

Either way keep it short. If she’s ignoring you then you certainly don’t want to be sending her loads of stuff in a single text.

Scenario #2: She’s been ignoring you for weeks or months…

This is a different situation. Her disinterest is very clear and she’s most likely moved on at this point. You’ve probably texted and/or called her a few times in attempts to “fix” things.

If you guys have only spend a little time together then there’s not that much to “hook” her in at this point and if you have spend a lot of time together then she is going to be fairly certain in her decision to ignore you.

Your strategy here is to throw her a curveball and make her start to think… “hey, maybe I don’t have this guy figured out after all.”

You can do this by calling her, if you usually text. Or you can leave a voicemail if you’ve never done that before. You want to be unpredictable.

Here’s a Killer Trick: Wait a MINIMUM of two weeks since you’ve last contacted her. Then call her and leave a voicemail say “Hey it [your name], I just had a question I wanted to ask you, it’s kind of important but there’s not rush… give me a call back when you’re free.”

At this point you can ask her why she stopped talking to you and try to salvage things.

Bottom Line: This is tough stuff! You’re WAY better off focusing on avoiding the mistakes that led to her ignoring you going forward. If you avoid these mistakes it’s going to make your life A LOT easier.

Most men don’t like to hear this, but by the time she’s ignoring you it’s very difficult to fix things. It’s like trying to get healthy after having three heart attacks. As any doctor will tell you, it would have been 100x easier to prevent the damage than to try to fix it.

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