Text Message Flirting Guide: 3 Signs She’s Interested in You

Craig Miller
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Text Message Flirting Guide: 3 Signs She’s Interested in You

In this edition of Text Message Flirting Guide I’ll show you the 3 signs to look for that says she’s interested in you.

Most “experts” who have radio shows give bad advice. They think having a Ph.D. makes them qualified to know how to get a woman into bed – while in reality most Ph.D’s probably get laid much LESS than the average guy.

However my friend Jordan who has his own raw, totally uncut advice show on SiriusXM Satellite radio is the real deal. He can walk the walk.

Jordan’s presentation on the Dating Conference Video Series was so great a that the most stunning woman in the audience told me she liked his presentation best, and said his advice “totally would work on any girl!”

Here’s some killer advice from him to see how interested a girl is AFTER you already have her phone number…

From Jordan:

Hey, want the bulletproof system I follow to know for sure if she’s interested? Here you go…

Look for any COMBINATION of these 3 signs:

1. She initiates a conversion with you by text
2. She responds to your text messages or calls quickly
3. She appears eager and interested in what you have to say (she may sound excited, curious, or ask questions).

Finally look for this major sign:

4. She moves things forward (asks for a date, etc.) or invites you to out with her… yeah this one’s pretty obvious!

Now if you notice one or two of the FIRST 3 signs I listed there is a very good chance she’s interested in you. If you see sign #4 she is DEFINITELY interested.”

Jordan’s entire presentation on the Dating Conference Video Series is specifically about text message flirting – which texts will get her attracted and turned out, how to tell what to do next, and how to get her out on a date!

He reveals all the “X-Rated” text message flirting secrets he can’t talk on about in his radio show – I HIGHLY recommend it!

Grab the full video now here.

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