How to Pick Up Women at The Gym – The NO B.S. Guide!

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How to Pick Up Women at The Gym – The NO B.S. Guide!

Picking up women at the gym is one of the great American past-times… like Thanksgiving and The Superbowl. It’s amazing because you know hot women will be there because hot women look hot because they workout! They are also going to be looking hot wearing tight clothes and will be COMPLETELY ALONE 95% of the time… I’m getting excited to hit the gym just telling you about it…

But there is nothing WORSE than being at the gym and starting longingly at a gorgeous, perfectly toned woman as she’s doing squats across the room and not know what to do! If you wanted to create the world’s most frustration scenario for a straight single man – that might be it!

But you’re about to get a VERY SOLID game plan for meeting hotties at the gym. I’m talking serious “black ops” tactics so you know exactly what to say and when to say it, and you don’t end up blowing it and embarrassing yourself in front of a bunch of muscled up guys. So lets get into it!

Here are the 3 keys to getting that hottie at the gym…

1. Wait for the perfect time to make your move. If she’s sprinting on the treadmil, in the middle of the boxing class, or is mid-squat then it’s NOT the time to say hi. There is no rush. Usually she’s going to be working out for a while so wait for her to take a breather… just don’t wait too long or soon she’ll be heading to the locker room – or maybe out of the gym entirely.

Watch out! People leave the gym FAST! There is often no heads up. So just wait for her next water break and make your move. If you’re waiting 2 or more water breaks then it’s time to MAN UP and get your ass over there!

2. Don’t be shy. Easier said then done, right? But here’s an easy mistake to avoid… Most men usually thing if she looks tired then she doesn’t want to talk. They also think if she has her headphones on she doesn’t want to talk. And some think women are just busy in general at the gym because they want to workout and don’t have time for flirting.

This is ALL WRONG! Women always have time to meet a guy… if it’s a guy they want to talk to. That’s just the risk you’ll have to take, but the reward is so worth it!

3. Keep you’re “pick up line” simple. Don’t overthink your first words or try to come up with something extra clever or funny… the men who are most successful at picking women up at the gym just open their mouths and say something simple.

For many years I used to lie and pretend I was shopping for gym clothes for a female friend’s birthday and wanted their help. You could also ask her if she’s training for something like a marathon because you noticed how hard she’s working. Sometimes the best lines will just pop into your head, but DON’T count on it. Always have a backup plan.

These are great ground rules for how to pick up women at the gym and they shatter some of the false myths that keep other men staring while you’re getting the girl you want.

And hey, it sure beat staring at girls from across the room! Who invented that anyway? It’s way more fun talking to the girl you want, getting to know her, asking her out, and then taking her out on a great date and back to your place!

But in case you want to “ammo up” even more for the gym and getting the really effective secrets to attract women I highly recommend The Pandora’s Box guide to meeting women by Vin DiCarlo. This is hand’s down the best thing I’ve tried!

Recommend Next Step: Tried Pandora’s Box by Vin DiCarlo right now!

Also, another great recommendation if you like working out and want a 6-pack or just want to tone up or lose weight is The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary. Incredibly effective.


– Craig

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