Want to Get Laid Fast? – Use This Trick!

Craig Miller
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Want to Get Laid Fast? – Use This Trick!

Want to know how to get laid fast? Then you need to know about this fun, interesting, and thought-provoking article by the New York Post – is that enough adjectives?

The article is titled “Cheap Date: How the ‘price’ of sex has dropped to record lows” although there are more interesting finding than you saving more money on dates.

Here are the most interesting “highlights” you need to know:

First, the number of dates and time need with a woman to actually have sex is going down. 1/4th of all women have sex on the first date instead of the 4th or 5th date. The Post says that faster sex is saving men money because less is spent on dates trying to woo a woman.

“Men want sex more than women do. It’s a fact that sounds sexist and outdated. But it is a fact all the same — one that women used for centuries to keep the price of sex high (if you liked it back in the day, you really had to put a ring on it). With gender equality, the Pill and the advent of Internet porn, women’s control of the meet market has been butchered.”

Disclaimer on behalf of the above statement: Men and women want sex equally as much – men just want it with a hot woman right away, and women want it with a man they feel “comfortable with”… thus the calling of ex-boyfriends late at night when there may be literally hundreds of other men dancing in front of them at a nightclub.

Later the article says…

“Men are ‘quicker to have sex in our relationships these days, slower to commitment and just plain pickier.’”

Sure, if it’s easier to meet women you can expect more from them and be pickier. This can only be a good thing… who writes articles about why you should rush into a relationship with a girl you’re not that into? No one. Next up a quote from sociologist Mark Regnerus…

“Every sex act is part of a ‘pricing’ of sex for subsequent relationships,” Regnerus said. “If sex has been very easy to get for a particular young man for many years and over the course of multiple relationships, what would eventually prompt him to pay a lot for it in the future — that is, committing to marry?”

The author laughs off the idea that “love” or ACTUALLY LIKING a woman could be a reason for marriage… but that to me is backed up with little evidence and speaks more about the authors own personal problems and his guess about how men these days might think. If it’s not obvious, I disagree.

Another article I commented on revealed that women in New Zealand were prowling the town for sex, and that for them it was an expression of sexual power – yes I thought about moving too! So easy sex doesn’t mean people can’t still meet each other or date.
And finally… who wants to get married just for the sake of being married? With the rise in divorce and large number of people unhappily married, who wants to end up in that situation just to get laid? In fact, that’s the exact reason most divorcees probably end up in marriage in the first place.

Regnerus continues…

“Sexual strategies for making men ‘fall in love’ typically backfire, because men don’t often work like that”

Totally agreed – and this is an incredible breakthrough for everyone involved. As I stated above, luring a man into a relationship using sex is a horrible foundation for that relationship to be built on.

If you’re a woman who is after a guy, then having sex too soon or too fast isn’t going to impact your future relationship if you both ACTUALLY LIKE EACH OTHER, the issue here is not about women getting their sexual power back, since that’s a very old outdated and less useful way of looking at things in 2011… the question is, does a woman personally feel comfortable sleeping with a guy quickly, regardless of money, power, or what other people might think about her?

In case there’s a shred of doubt that I’m right about this, read what comes next…

“Women in less egalitarian countries do tend to restrict sex as a means of keeping the cost high.”

That’s right, in the same countries that are stoned for sex getting raped and are forbidden to drive cars (FYI, I can’t be 100% sure about that, he doesn’t list countries by name) they rely on “holding back sex” to get a man. This a 300+ year-old strategy, at least some countries are dumping it for something better!

The conclusion of the article is great, sure men can easily find another woman, but women don’t need to RELY on a man either.

My conclusion? I guess you’ll have to find some other way how to get laid fast besides your checkbook.

If you’re still using this age-old technique, you’d better stick to strip clubs and escorts, because men who know what they’re doing in the Dating 2.0 world are going to crush you and this article is only the beginning!

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