How to Get a Girl to Text You Sexy Pictures (100% WORKS!)

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How to Get a Girl to Text You Sexy Pictures (100% WORKS!)

Do you want to get a girl to text you sexy naked pictures? Well, that would any man’s dream and great bragging rights for to all your friends! And to be brutally honest, it can be very difficult and very often embarrassing if you don’t know what you’re doing. But using this step-by-step plan will help you get the job done smoothly and successfully…

First, before you even approach a woman about this, you need to weight your chances for success with her. Look at her. Does she look adventurous? Does she like to do things that are taboo? Is she rebellious? And if you’re meeting her online, then looking at her existing photos will show you how much she likes to pose for the camera and show off her stuff!

Once you find a girl who looks like she’d be eager and willing you need to make a her feel comfortable with you. DO NOT RUSH! You will fail to get a girl to text you sexy pictures if you ask her too soon. She needs to completely feel at ease in you and TRUST you that you are not some creepy guy who just wants naked photos and that you will not post them on the internet or try to blackmail her. Kissing, intimacy, and sex will increase her comfort with you… but understandably, sometime you’ll want to get her to text you naked pictures BEFORE you sleep together for fun – so this is not always an option.

If you are able to get intimate with her then tell her that you really miss her company one night. If she asks you why, tell her that you really have a bad pain in your back and tell her that you wish she was there to give you a massage. Gauge her response and her comfort and then take it to the next level. Tell her that if her back hurt, you would do the same for her. This is going to make her visualize the whole you both massaging each other and she will get turned on.

At that particular juncture, you need to compliment her beauty and her beautiful breasts and how much you would really love to see her naked. If she falls for all these compliments then you are surely lucky because the moment you ask for her pictures she will be ready to send you.

This way, if you want to get a girl to text you naked pictures, you need to be quite patient during your efforts. You need to be very sensitive and extraordinarily careful during the whole process. Even if you see a slight trace of inconvenience in her, it is better to stop the process then and there itself in order to be on the safe side. But with experience, you would surely be able to get a girl to text you naked pictures.

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