How to Flirt With Girls on Facebook – 100% WORKS!

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How to Flirt With Girls on Facebook – 100% WORKS!

Are you wondering how to flirt with girls on Facebook? Well, it’s pretty simple and now I’m going to give you some fantastic tips about how to do that. You know what? You can even take a “friendship” with a girl to the next level if you know how to flirt with girls on Facebook.

Some factors are very important. The first thing is the fact that Facebook could be the best platform to find women who just want a casual relationship. In other words, you can find women who eagerly looking to hookup… and yes, even women love casual hookups. The key to successful Facebook flirting is to be comfortable with the idea of having a sexual relationship without being too focused on a serious relationship.

Factor #1: Time Makes The Difference

The first important factor is that amount of time you spend flirting with a particular woman. If you are spending a lot of time with that particular woman, then she might think that you’re genuinely serious about a relationship. So, make sure that you spend smaller amounts of time in order to make it look casual. You also need to act as if you have lots of experience with other girls.

Factor #2: Be Clear As Day

Next, remember is that you should never send mixed signals to girls on Facebook. Many men make this mistake and they get rejected because it completely confuses the girl. If she’s not interested in a serious relationship, then play it casual or risk getting rejected.

Facebook is hands down best place to find such girls who are open to casual relationships.

Get Your Flirting Started Today…


If you want to kickstart your flirting today start off with some profile search. With Facebook is quality over quantity because you’ll get in trouble if you send too many messages that you’re not already friends with.

The second key is to make sure that you’ve got a good reason for sending your message. If a certain girl catches your eye then you can tell her you just noticed her while trying to find a friend from college or that you saw she was friends with a friend of yours and you thought she looked fun, cute, or intriguing.

Now that you’ve got some tools to start flirting it’s time to put it into action. But be careful, Facebook’s anti-spam technology is good, and they will try their hardest to keep you from contacting “random girls” because they see it as a nuisance.

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