Exercises to Increase Sexual Stamina

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Exercises to Increase Sexual Stamina

Here are 5 fast and easy exercises you can start doing today to increase your sexual stamina, last longer in bed, and keep the woman (or women…) in your life VERY HAPPY!

Your body’s ability last longer in bed is highly related to your body’s endurance. The strain you experience in your physical performance depends on how efficient of the systems in your body are. To improve your sexual stamina just focus on a few special types of physical exercises that are proven to give you more control and last MUCH longer. Here are the top 5 that are proven to work for men…

1. Cardio Exercise Routines to Increase Sexual Stamina
Cardio (like running, jogging, biking, etc.) keeps your heart healthy and improves your blood circulation. Having a healthy circulatory system allows blood and oxygen to get to the different muscles of the body, including the sexual areas where you desire maximum performance.

However, if you heart is weak, your muscles will not be supplied the right amount of oxygen and blood, and your sexual stamina will be affected you’ll run out of gas soon than you want in bed… and your girl will NOT be impressed! Also – Low blood circulation can contribute to erectile dysfunction in men, which you want to avoid at all costs.

2. Core Exercise to Increase Sexual Stamina
Use core exercises to strengthen and build your abs. Your abs are essential in supporting your general body movement – especially during sex. MMA fighters pay special attention to strengthening their core but you do not need to be one in order to do this. A few methods for strengthening your core are sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifting. These exercises allow you to take the weight off the woman without becoming exhausted.

3. Upper Body Strength Training to Increase Sexual Stamina
This aims to strengthen the muscles on your arms and chest. Strong upper body muscles allow you to support your body weight for an extended period of time. This means that not all of your body weight is put on your partner which makes the sexual experience difficult. Doing push-ups and hovering yourself over the ground are some of the specific routines you can practice. Strong upper body muscles are key to better sexual stamina… and women love a man with strong muscles.

4. Pelvic Exercises to Increase Sexual Stamina
Pelvic exercises help strengthen and tone the muscles in the pelvis. Strong pelvic muscles mean that the bladder is contained and that a woman’s vaginal muscles can easily contract during intercourse. Kegels are one type of exercise both men and women can do. Kegel exercises can help in erectile dysfunction in men.

5. Mental Exercises to Increase Sexual Stamina
These may not look like physical exercises but they contribute to your flexibility during sexual intercourse. This is especially helpful when you’re trying new sex positions or if you just want to enjoy your regular positions more thoroughly. Practicing yoga is helpful in attaining this kind of flexibility. Meditation, on the other hand, is a great help in relaxation which is essential for you to control your orgasm and last longer.

These basic exercises should get you started – but if you’re looking for more advanced… the kind of thing secretly kept in the “back room” of the store that only the smart customers know to ask for then you’re going to want to check out Superman Stamina. In it, you’ll learn the secrets of a big time actor in the adult film industry (no pun intended) named Keni Styles.

Finishing too quick can ruin a first date, your first sexual experience with a new women, or even a serious relationship. Better to take care of this now rather than wait!

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