Color of Psychology: What to Wear On a First Date

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Color of Psychology: What to Wear On a First Date

Color is a big deal. We’re surrounded by it and there’s absolutely no escaping it. And like it or not, no matter how much you think you’re the master of your own emotions, color has an incredible effect on how you feel and the way you think. Some experts say the effect colors have depend greatly on which culture you’re in and that they have changed over the years. Regardless, psychologists in today’s world and culture have done extensive studies into color and how it affects the human brain. In fact, it’s why you see so many blue-walled hospital rooms: the color helps release calming chemicals in a person’s brain, relaxing them.

Whether you’re deciding what color to paint different rooms in your house or just picking out what to wear on your first date or a job interview, you’ll be much happier with the results if you take time to seriously consider color.

When you’re on a first date, take some time to think about the main, lasting effect you want to have on the particular girl you’re taking out, because each girl is different. It’s also advisable to stick with one, overall basic, solid color. Don’t try to integrate all the effects our you’ll just look like a paint set exploded all over you and you’ll leave her feeling confused and give her the impression you can’t dress yourself.


A lot of people advise red on the first date, and it’s not without reason. It is so emotionally intense, it actually has the power to quicken breathing and heartbeat. Red is distinguishably noticeable, but also has a downfall: due to its extreme nature, it can also seem confrontational and can actually hurt you if you take an offensive stance during conversation.


Black is a color known for being mysterious and slimming, but it also helps express power and/or submission. For example, some priests wear black robes to signify their submission to God, and some experts say women might wear black as an unconscious submission to male authority. Taken to the other extreme, black can be overpowering and evil, which is why so many villains have black capes.


Brown may seem boring at first, but because it is the color of the earth from which all things grow, it symbolizes reliability and a genuine character. Depending on the attitude of the person wearing brown, though, it can also come across as sorrowful and dejected.


Another natural color, green has actually been proven to improve vision because it is easy on the eye. Green is another popular color in hospitals used to help people relax. Green on women can symbolize fertility. But on men, dark green especially, symbolizes wealth, masculinity, and a conservative nature.


Blue and red actually cause opposite reactions. Blue causes people to feel calm and relaxed, and often helps bring out loyalty in the wearer. Studies have also shown that when surrounded by blue walls, people become more productive in their work. Take care of the shade and amount of blue you wear, because too much comes across as cold.


For ages, purple has been the color associated with kings: prosperity, splendor and an air of sophistication. Many believe this color association is because purple is so rare in nature, but is so beautiful when it does occur. But for this exact reason, certain shades of purple can appear fake and like you’re trying too hard.


Yellow is bright and cheery. It’s an attention getter and actually improves concentration, which is why it’s used in so many school and office supplies. While yellow is definitely optimistic, it appears on the color spectrum in a place that is harder for the eye to absorb, so too much of it can be overwhelming and puzzling, leading to discontent.

As you can see, each color has pros and cons. The trick is the confidence you portray while wearing the particular color you choose. For example, if you wear a blue shirt confidently and feel natural and relaxed, these feelings will spread to the woman you’re on a date with and the color will help. However, if you don’t wear it with confidence and you have a guarded attitude, you’ll come across as sad (and maybe a little needy), and the girl will soon get bored with you and leave at the first chance she gets. Another trick is choosing the correct shades. This can be a little more difficult, since there are no hard and fast rules. In general, you can look at the color of a shirt or tie on the clothing rack in a store and ask yourself how that color makes you feel. If the reaction is positive, go for it. If not, leave it for someone else to buy. If you need help, ask a trusted female friend to help you pick a few good first date outfits.


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