Best First Date Ideas to Impress a Woman

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Best First Date Ideas to Impress a Woman

Good first date ideas leave both you and her wanting more and you getting what you want… whether that’s a relationship or just sex.But first dates can also go bad, leaving her bored, leaving early, turned off, and totally unwilling to kiss you… and it’s safe to say she’s not going to call you again and, no, you won’t be getting laid.Even worse, sometimes first dates seem to go great… until you realize she’s not picking up your calls or returning your texts.Picking the right place (or places) to go for your first date is so important it can make or break the date.Here’s a list of my top favorite good first date ideas and places to bring a first date, and keep note, NONE of them involve dinner!1. A cozy wine bar – This is a top because wine bars and loungy-type places are built for romance! And when you take a woman out for a glass of wine, it definitely sets the right mood. Make sure you grab a cozy, dimly lit corner and that you’re ideally sitting NEXT to her on a couch or bench.2. The park – For a date on the cheap! But even if you’re loaded, this is a date (or part of a date) that can stick in a girl’s mind. Walks in the park are naturally romantic and it’s a great casual, get-to-know-each-other activity. Make sure you take a break and sit next to each other on a clean, secluded bench. A great place to make your move.

3. A local cafe or coffee shop – Try your best to skip Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts on this one! Commercial places are boring. Take her somewhere new she might not know about. This might be getting old but it’s key: Grab a seat on a secluded bench couch and sit NEXT to her!

4. A shopping adventure

5. The wild bar

Remember, if you can’t sit or stand next to her at a certain place, then DO NOT go there! Sitting across from her is going to kill the date.

There are a ton of crucial good first date details I’m leaving out here. First dates details are important enough to fill their own book. If you can nail a first date then she’ll be telling her friends and even her family about the great guy she just met, and all your work is going to be downhill from there!

It’s a lot of hard work to get a girl all the way out for a first date and then blow it and have to start from the beginning with a new girl.

Take it from me, it’s way easier to learn what to do right, and have a killer date (and a wild night) with a girl rather than having her leave you hanging and ignoring your calls the next day.

Want a killer blueprint for a first date? I highly recommend First Date Blueprint by Jason King as the bible on how to impress a woman on a first date.

Recommended Product: First Date Mastery by Jason King

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