6 Foods That Turn Women On

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6 Foods That Turn Women On

Here are 6 surprising foods that turn women on that you can buy at any supermarket. This is the “top secret” way to get a woman in the mood for a wild night. Spencer Walker, the writer of the book Cook to Bang: The Lay Cook’s Guide to Getting Laid, reveals the secret 6 foods that turn women on.

1. Watermelon is a natural “Cialis.” It contains citrulline, which is an important chemical that triggers potent enzymes. The triggering method of such is said to be natural in the blood compared to using other products from drugstores. This sex food is said to circulate blood better in body of a woman, allowing the free flow of the blood to her sex organs and turning her on.

2. Fish and shellfish are also considered as one of the most effective sex foods. These two types of seafood contain the essential omega 3 fatty acids, which allow for the normal circulation of the blood inside her body. These foods that turn women on have been proven to restore natural testosterone and zinc, which makes a woman active in bed.

3. Another food that turns women on is avocado. The Aztecs would eat this fruit to increase their sexual prowess. Avocado contains the right amount of fiber and glutathione for anatomical improvements. It also contains Vitamin B6, C and E, which maintain the overall condition of the heart.

4. Ginger is considered one of the most important foods that turn women on in Kama Sutra. Ginger boosts the rate of arousal within women and increases their heart rate in the process, allowing the blood to flow properly. Ginger also improves functioning of sexual organs.

5. Our next food that turns women on is the herb Rosemary. Throw a few bits of this plant on meat or fish once in a while. This strong-scented food contains compounds that allow the skin of both sexes to be sensitive to the touch. This is one of the most effective foods that can be bought in the market.

6. Believe it or not, chilies are also considered to be among the foods that turn women on. They come in a number of types, ranging from jalapeno peppers or even the spicy habaneros. It does not matter which type of chilies you choose. Each variety is said to be packed with the right amount of compounds that allow her heart to keep up with highly pleasurable activity. These sex foods also enhance the individual’s reception to sexual pleasure. Overall, chilies might be one of the last sex foods a sexy couple might opt to try, but in the end, these seemingly intimidating foods prove to be very important in the achievement of that intense sexual sensation for a fun time in bed.

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